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Exhibition Proposal: Flying High At The End Of My Rope


Have you ever been to the circus?  The circus is a beautiful, ephemeral sensory overload—a transitory purge for the mundane in your life.  There are too many smells, too many colors, too many sounds.  Emotional outbursts are like circus spectacles. As a circus go-er, you experience stomach twisting, clutching Fear as an aerialist leaps from their platform.  You sigh in relief at the secure catch of the trapeze only to be swung back into dizzying Hesitation as breath is caught by the lump in your throat when the performer flies mid-air to grasp the arms of their partner.  Pulsing excitement races through your body as each twist and turn of the acrobat becomes more death-defying—you internalize the performer’s energy and empowerment. Vicariously peaceful Validation washes the stress and the thrill of the performance away with the thunderous applause of the audience.


Flying High At The End Of My Rope is the visual circus of emotional overload.  Dervishes Dance on single panel and multi-panel canvases in a myriad of colors and textures.  Gallery go-ers travel through Warm Dilemmas of vicarious visuals: excited sleeplessness, fear, thrill, solitude, fun, hesitation, peace, compassion, and hope.  This show is a journey through Abstract Emotionalism to rediscover feelings in a new synesthesiatic mask that turns emotion into intertwined colors and textures.  The overall aesthetics of the show move people through looking, observing, interpreting, and, at the forefront, FEELING.  Some works invite people forward to examine details while other works push viewers to step back in contemplation from afar. Titles of the works establish connections between the viewers’ own emotions and the works before them.  Flying High At The End Of My Rope is an exhibition creating highly emotive, shared realities in the Post-Truth era when people define their own realities from their own solitary feelings.  This is an exhibition about creating a shared, emotional community—an ephemeral, emotive circus.


Flying High At The End of My Rope is a solo exhibition of twelve to seventeen acrylic and mixed media canvas paintings requiring between thirty-two and forty-nine linear feet of wall space (depending on the pieces selected for the show).  This is currently a new exhibition in circulation with flexible availability starting in June 2018.   The artist is available to conduct workshops, classes, and/or lectures in conjunction with the exhibition and coordinated with the gallery calendar and her schedule. She is also willing to attend other community events related to the gallery and exhibition.

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